The BOI-UNILAG INCUBATION AND CO-WORKING HUB on 25th May, 2021 hosted more than 20 Directors of entrepreneurship across different universities in the nation in an epoch training,  tagged Embedded Entrepreneurial Experience.  It was simply a scintillating time of training, and re-training, as these directors were thoroughly briefed on the importance of the role they play in equipping the youth of the nation among which are their students in different levels, courses and universities.

It is no longer news that the way forward to a better Nigeria and Africa is kitting, and furnishing the youths in our nation through entrepreneurial trainings. It is therefore expedient that academicians assist in making this goal a reality by creating an ecosystem where students already have a skill on campus, and by graduation they are already involved in generating jobs for others.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe graced this epoch making event, and delivered a session where he shared passionately on the “role of leadership” in this journey. He encouraged the directors of entrepreneurship to see their work as an opportunity to mentor these students for their future, ensuring that they deposit value in them which will in turn have a ripple effect in years nearby.

The DVC-DS, Prof. Ayodele Atsenuwa took the delegates on the success journey and Landmark of the University of Lagos’ Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Center. She also took time to mention some upcoming programs geared towards fostering entrepreneurship intentions among UNILAG students.

 The director of entrepreneurship and skill development, Dr. Sunday Adebisi, reiterated the fact that young people have the ability to create so much value if given the right mental programming via entrepreneurship. He further buttressed that we are not truly safe in our abode unless we take these youths “off the streets”.  Every young person wants to add to the society, it is our duty therefor to help them achieve this in the way we should; promoting their initiatives, creativity and innovation. He also trained the directors on design thinking and its application to solving problems.

The directors present were also taken on a tour round the prestigious university and sites visited include; the senate building, lagoon front, research center and so on. Indeed it was a full and total package event for all.

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