The Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Centre, University of Lagos in partnership with EXPANZO

The Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Centre, University of Lagos in partnership with EXPANZO designed and implemented a 5Million start up grants for engineering students tagged (BSG-4-ES), having the objective of selecting five best final year projects that can be switched into viable businesses. This is to yet foster the Entrepreneurial drive among the student, creating lasting impact both for the students, University, Sponsors and the Community at large.

 The first round of the programme held on Tuesday, 11th January 2022 at the BOI incubation and co-working hub, University of Lagos. In attendance were the Director of the Centre, HOD’S, Lecturers and Dean of the faculty of Engineering, Judges/sponsors of the programme, staff of the Centre and the Students.

The Director of the Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Centre, Prof Sunday Adebisi in his speech indulged the student and everyone present to key into the University’s vision of producing employers rather than training the student to become job seekers.

The pitching commenced, and the first student pitched virtually via zoom, followed by the other student who had theirs physically. The student gave in their best right from the first round in a bid to be selected for the grant.

The event had its Grand Finale held on 14th of January, 2022. Out of the initial 10 that presented, only 7 made it through to the grand finale. During the pitching, the student gave in their best to convince the judges by demonstrating the worthiness of their project research work and the workability of transforming their ideas into businesses which will solve human problems and yield profits as well.  The judges alluded to the fact that all projects were extremely fantastic, and it was really difficult selecting the best FIVE. To keep expectation really high, the honor was given to the outstanding winners by making the announcement at the upcoming convocation program. The winners were officially awarded during the University’s 52nd convocation ceremony.

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